Monday 21 September 2020

Wednesday to Friday, 16th to 18th September

Down onto the River Trent, Alrewas section. It was such a lovely spot to stop at above the lock in Alrewas. I think there's a good chance we'll head back for 14 days once the derestriction of the 48 hours maximum stay comes into play in November. I'd like to have a walk back to the national Arboretum to see how it's changed since we last visited in 2013 Link to LJ blog here. We enjoyed a lovely day out taking pics back then, one of which I had printed out for a pressie for Mum and Dad

RNLI memorial

One of my least favourite bridge holes, it's a lot worse with any fresh water after rain

Leaving the river section brings us to probably my least favourite stretch of canal. On a map you can't even see there's a canal as it's that close to the A38 dual carriageway, I've actually seen fag butts hit the canal from moving vehicles. It was soon time to lock down to Branston Water Park and an available tie-up in the sun.

When is a workshop not a workshop?

Ditto engine room, although a hot 4.7 litre engine does a great job of drying

Back to finding a plod for us and the dog... I inputted a route into my view ranger app that skirted the water park at Branston then crossed the canal to one of the very many Merley gravel pits that has been transformed to a nicely done private members only fishing lake, through some well used paddocks and back along the offside of the canal past the new Burton Town Rugby club site.

Dudley's new post stroll routine
We reversed the route on the ViewRanger app the next day which brought us past the cafe in opening hours, bonus! 

Deb's Coos have finally got a new home after being taken down from LJ's wall a good couple of years ago

More boating tomorrow, possibly - not far though... just to Burton

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