Sunday, 25 November 2018

We're Still On Schedule!...

OK not that schedule, but we're still on A schedule!

Delays with the engine injector system was bound to knock on to delays in the build and part fit-out that we were hoping to get finished by mid December. It's not massively off schedule but even a couple of weeks and the Christmas break have slipped us past the winter stoppages between us here at Long Eaton on the Erewash and Alvecote Marina, our base for three months.

The up side is we get to go boating over Chrimbo...

The down side is three more months licence and insurance on NB Ernest and a few other extra costs...

The up side is we'll be selling NB Lois Jane in early Spring...

The down side is we're running out of room aboard with the extra bits we're buying for the build...

The down side is we'll miss out on our crucial early season pen selling opportunities...

The down side is I'm impatient...

Oops better stop there before I think of any more down sides!

Every cloud etc etc

Anyway we're about three days off finishing the steel work and hopefully the spray foam insulation goes in next week. Then it's off to it's new home in the paint shed for the back cabin and engine room fit-out and a few minor bits for Paul to finish off.

Within the tight schedule for our next nine days we're hoping that we can get some more prep work done including Paul jacking the boat up so we can black the base plate and a final coat of primer before we burger orf for about a month over Chrimbo. If the boat is done before the stoppages finish mid March we have the option of a long way around cruise up the Soar and via Braunston which is all being kept open. It'd need to be some tome in January I think to warrant the saved time verses the much longer route.

Here's some pics of progress

Inside back cabin from rear deck. Weed hatch is fully isolated straight from the deck to the prop, impossible to flood via the weed hatch. 450L diesel tank across the width

We were always keen to have proper finger rails but these GU style are the dogs doo dahs! Engine room beam and all side door hatches at hand rail level

View from the steerers step

All six side doors with side hatches, closest is engine room then workshop/shop then saloon at the front

Time to sand blast the steel. Copper slag below the water line as spec'd by Zinger for the zinc coating. Glass blast above... Dust everywhere!

Blasting took three full days! Its a big boat.

At least twenty sacks of sweepings just for the main walkways

We poked our heads around the doors on Sunday evening just as he was getting ready to finish. Viv Barber took the above pics

Happiness is sweeping the cabin top (not roof!)

Paul doing his thing! Bow shape EXACTLY as we asked (not specified, we provided no measurements or tech drawings.

The stem post of our very well built Alexander boat is hollow below the turn. NB Ernest is thee of 2"x1" solid steel. I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of that with 20 tonnes behind it!

The gas locker is huge. Easy fit for 3 tanks plus water hose and spare fenders.

A piece of vintage diamond plate that we begged for as the gas locker lid. It was in the reserve pile for Paul and Vivs own boat rebuild.

Another look from the stern. There's 15ft more at the front

Inside from the front, that's the engine sitting 6ft froward in the workshop awaiting engine beds

The yard started getting extra busy, Paul agreed that we could come and do the painting and cleaning to free his guys up to do the welding on, probably three other project boats a week, including a good few historic ones. He's certainly the go to builder

Bullet proof Jotun first

Then high build primer, Zinga (96% zinc paint) below the rubbing streak to turn the whole hull into an anode. Pricey at £200 per 5L tin but hopefully worth it in the long run

First of the heavy bespoke portholes in

Phew on to the inside, good ol' bitumen to protect the base plate. Tomorrow we're on to zinc priming and bilge paint for the rear section, working around Steve who's battoning out before the spray foam.

Paint chosen for top coats RAL 7010 For the main colour (matches the engine and I'll paint the workshop machinery to match) with 7038 panels

All being well it looks likely for a launch and transfer to the paint shed in about 10 days time... Just ready for a historic boat to come in for a cabin top.