Sunday, 20 January 2019

Launch day

Whoop whoop, launch day is here...

Well it was a while ago ​but I'm still a long way behind with the blog. 

There's a few vid clips here that should take you to YouTube. Suffice it to say, the launch went swimmingly and our maiden voyage in reverse via boat pole was uneventful largely due to the very calm conditions for the journey to the paint shed.

Paul's skills don't just lie in the direction of boatbuilding, he's also a dab hand with all types of boat moving machinery. 

He even moved another shorter shell using a fork lift truck at each end, balancing the boat between the two to get into the building shed. Not impressed? Well nobody was driving the second (reversing) truck, Paul did the whole thing himself!!!

We didn't have a ceremony for wetting day, well probably do something naming wise in springtime. 

We were dead chuffed to see how it actually looks out of the shed, it's always hard to tell without taking a step back.

Paul's job isn't finished yet though, he needs to sort out...

Another set of doors
The dog box
A rudder trim
Lorry drive shaft
Getting the engine going
and a bit more hull blacking

Not sure where I'm up to now, but in the not too distant future expect a few blogs covering...

LJ breakdown
Back cabins and lots of painting 😀

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